About Ala-Dean

Transparent Texture

I am a SEO Specialist at CARFAX Canada - but more importantly, I tell stories and solve problems through data.

This site is my personal platform where I explore ideas and shape my thoughts. With a passion for understanding strategies and building systems, I am a firm believer in bringing concepts from different areas together and optimizing them to reach their potential.

Ask anyone and they will tell you my curiosity for the digital space is intense. I am constantly looking for new things to learn, digging into complex problems, and documenting every step of the way. No stone is left unturned. 


I try to express most of my thoughts on Twitter, but for those that are not 280 characters or less I will try and publish here. Whether it is Digital Marketing related or not, I plan to be an open book and break free from the vail of secrecy that digital marketers seem to value so much.